“In all friendship” star Christina Petersen: This is how she fights against loneliness in old age

Christina Petersen (31) has been playing the nurse Miriam Schneider in the hit series “In All Friendship” since 2016. But it is not only in her role that she takes care of those in need, the 31-year-old also volunteers for charitable purposes in her free time. Since 2020 she has been supporting “Freunde Alter Menschen eV” – an organization that fights against loneliness in old age. The association’s website says: “Often very old people can no longer leave their homes without outside help. For them, professional care services are often their only contact with the outside world. There is usually no time for a conversation or for a walk together. That’s why we have We have made it our mission to protect old, lonely people from loneliness and isolation. We create social contacts and personal encounters so that hope and joie de vivre can enter their lives again.” In the web talk show with moderator Nico Gutjahr she now talks about her commitment.

In the video above you can see the interview with Christina Petersen.

In all friendship: Maria Weber’s return “firmly planned”

Die-hard “In All Friendship” fans were recently worried about the future of Dr. Maria Weber, played by Annett Renneberg (44), who wants to leave the Sachsenklinik and accepts a job offer in Berlin. The on/off relationship between her and Dr. Kai Hoffmann, played by Julian Weigand (50), is one of the most important elements of the series. Most recently, Maria Weber was seen getting into a taxi, the scene suggested the end of her series. But now fans can breathe a sigh of relief. An Instagram post read: “We at ‘In All Friendship’ have decided to announce today that Maria has not left the series and is planning to return – so many messages and comments have reached us – it felt like it wrong to keep you, our fans, in the dark any longer.” It was not revealed when Maria will be back and how her story will continue.