“In all friendship” star Isabella Krieger: Her Germany comeback

Recently, moderator Nico Gutjahr had the popular actress Isabella Krieger (28) as a guest on his show. In his “Webtalkshow” the 28-year-old talks to him about her roles and her private life. Since 2021 she has been taking on the role of doctor Viktoria Stadler in the series “In aller Hoffnung”. “It’s a relationship that couldn’t be more familiar,” says the actress about her relationship to her role.

And she also talks to the moderator about her private life. In her childhood she moved quite often – from Germany to England and on to the USA. As an adult, she then moved back to the UK before eventually returning to her native country. “Pain and homesickness” were her reasons for returning to Germany.

Click on the video to learn more about the actress and her role as a resident.

Christina Petersen campaigns against loneliness in old age

The moderator already had another “In All Friendship” star as a guest. The actress Christina Petersen (32) spoke to Nico Gutjahr about her volunteer work. She has been a member of the “Friends of Older People” association since 2020. Older people are helped not to become lonely in old age. “It’s about building a friendship with an older person, but at eye level,” said the 32-year-old.

And the actress also spoke about her series relationship in the “Webtalkshow”. Together with Liza Tzschirner (35) she stands in front of the camera as a couple for “In All Friendship”. “The chemistry was just right and that’s still the case,” explains the Miriam Schneider actress.

In the video below you can find out more about Christina’s volunteer work and her collaboration with Liza Tzschirner.