In an asylum and disfigured: After 14 years missing, famous protagonist returns to Televisa

Mexico City.- After rumors that it ended disfigured and even in a mental hospitalreveal that a beloved protagonist returns to the screens of Televisa after 14 years missing.

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Is about Adela Noriegawho began his career in the San Angel TV in 1984 and starred in telenovelas like Quinceañera, Sweet challenge, María Isabel, Real love, The Privilege of loving, El Manantial Y the virgin wife.

After his last project in 2008, Fire in the blood, Adela disappeared from the artistic world. your sudden withdrawal It unleashed doubts and a great mystery, because when she left fame overnight, it was quickly speculated what had become of her.

It was said that for a bad surgery would have stayed disfigured and because of that he was never able to return to acting. It was also rumored that there would be finished in a madhouse after an alleged toxic relationship with an actor in the 1993 soap opera Guadeloupe.

It was also speculated that Noriega had an alleged son with a former president of Mexico after a Romance. It was even rumored that she kept him hidden and passed him off as his nephew, however, this was never confirmed, like the other versions.

After until being left for dead and terrible rumors about what he suffered cancer (which turned out to be false), now reveal that the so-called ‘soap opera queen‘ returns to Televisa and with an important leading role.

Is the actress heading a new project? No, she would not return for a telenovela or series, but they plan to broadcast quinceanera1987 melodrama produced by Carla Estrada and starring her, Thalia, Ernesto Laguardia Y Raphael Rojas.

According to show youtuber Alejandro Zúñiga, quinceanera would be broadcast by channel TlNovelas by the end Oyuki’s Sinstarring in 1988 by Anne Martin and which is currently on the air at midnight.

‘Quinceañera’ returns. The rumor began to circulate in networks that she was returning to the ‘Nights to remember’ bar, that is, that she returns at the time that ‘El Pecado de Oyuki’ is going to leave, “she announced.

And he added: “I did my inquiries. I investigated, I asked and they told me that he does return at dawn”, however, he warned that the programming could presumably change in the event that recover the rights of some important soap opera.

As he shared, although they had already announced that they would re-release The one who could not lovethis will have to wait because they recovered the rights of Wild Heart1993 melodrama starring Edith Gonzalez Y Edward Palomo.

And it is that Zúñiga commented that in Televisa they seek to give priority to projects that were very successful at the time, in order to increase the ratingbut that until now they would seek to pass again quinceaneraa classic.

Although he assures that it would be released in the coming weeks, the news has not been officially confirmed by the network channel, so we will have to wait to see if the information is corroborated.

Until now, it is unknown where Adela lives, what she does and what she looks like at 52 years of age. Despite the fact that there have been rumors that she would return to soap operas since 2019, and that several colleagues and producers have hinted that they want her to return, nothing has materialized so far.

Source: Alejandro Zúñiga’s YouTube channel, Twitter @tlnovelastv and Instagram @tlnovelas_tv and @tlnovelasfans_