In an asylum and disfigured: After 14 years of retirement, the protagonist of Televisa appears and this is what she looks like now

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Mexico City.- a famous protagonist of soap operaswho says it’s over ‘disfigured‘ and there would even be finished in a madhouse During his youth, he reappears in a video social media filtering exhibits his physical transformation.

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It’s about the beloved actress Adela Noriegawhose father died when she was a teenager and her mother died a victim of the Cancer in 1995, according to reports from various national media. At the age of 12, a talent scout discovered her while she was in a shopping center.

Shortly after, he began starring in television commercials and music videos. A detail that few know is that the Mexican actress appeared in the video strawberry heart from Lucia Mendez and Word of honor from Luis Miguel.

Adela debuted in 1984 on Televisa in the melodrama princess and later starred in endearing stories like Yesenia, Sweet challenge, María Isabel, Real love, The Privilege of loving, The Spring and the virgin wife.

His last project on the small screen was Fire in the blood in 2008 and since he retired from the art world. Nobody knows anything about his whereabouts because he left the show business under deep secrecy.

The actress is currently 52 years old and no recent photos of what she looks like have surfaced. Rumors have even been unleashed around her long absence from her public life, such as that she was disfigured by a bad surgery in the face.

It was also rumored that she had a child with a former president of Mexicowhom she kept hidden from the press and would have passed him off as her nephew, although she denied any relationship with the politician before leaving the forums.

This was not the only rumour, as it was also said that Adela had ended up in a mental hospital after an alleged toxic relationship with another fellow actor while recording Guadeloupe in 1993. This was never confirmed.

Although in recent years the rumor has sounded that he will return to soap operas, this has not materialized. former colleagues like Chantal Andere and Ernest Laguardia they have stated that they would love for her to return, but have not heard from her in a long time.

What is known so far is that the actress would be living in Miami Florida and dedicated to real estatealthough there are also those who assure that it resides in CDMX, although it would be unlikely since it has never been captured by the press.

Now that she lives away from the cameras, she has circulated a video on Twitter where they exhibit shocking transformation of one of the most beautiful actresses of soap operas, who to this day is missed in melodramas by her fans.

Source: Instagram @tlnovelas_tv and @adelanoriega_actriz, Twitter @MataHaniel and TlNovelas YouTube channel