In C à vous, the brilliant story of Jérome Commandeur with Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, Adele and Oprah Winfrey is a hit with France 5 viewers

Jérôme Commandeur on a TV set, it always gives funny and unusual sequences. His passage in “C à vous” has confirmed it. A few weeks ago, he was in “Daily” and was slightly roomed on his diet. He did not return to this episode in “C à vous” Thursday March 24 but offered Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine an exclusive video of her interview with Oprah Winfrey. “I granted it with great pleasure”, indicates Jérome Commandeur before the interview is broadcast. Very quickly, we realize that it is a parody, very funny. This makes Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine laugh a lot, but only up to a point.

After the broadcast of this sequence, Jérôme Commandeur mischievously slips to Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine: “We don’t have that level of interviewer in France so I prefer to go to the other side of the Atlantic. It’s still questions… We, in France… I always find that in France, we are a little… In the United States, it’s more powerful, you see. Anne-Élisabeth Lemoine replies tac-au-tac: “But we, when we receive American actors, we say to ourselves that they are so much more professional, more generous, and so much funnier than French actors and comedians. It’s funny huh, we think exactly the same thing! A very funny little verbal contest that Jérome Commandeur concludes as follows: “So I went there… She’s an old friend, and then we did that. She asked me, I said ok. I took advice from Harry, Meghan and Adele, they said to me: ‘Go ahead, it’s an oilcloth, you have nothing to fear’” Magnificent Jérôme Commandeur, once again. Don’t hesitate to watch the replay on France 5, this is delicious.

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