In Capital, a woman who withdraws 950 euros every month at once and applies the method of American influencers to save money totally depresses M6 viewers

“Capital” viewers got their money’s worth Sunday, March 27 on M6. The theme of the show was purchasing power: “Crazy prices, buying power on the carpet: who can reduce the bills of the French?”. Three reports were broadcast and they did not fail to make those who looked at their screens react, in particular because they reproached certain people followed by M6 save money while having very expensive products at home (television, smartphone, food processor, etc.).

During broadcast reports, a woman’s strategy for saving also appealed to viewers of “Capital”. M6 indicates that Angélique applies a “quasi-military logic to the expenses of her little family”. This strategy is the envelope. She discovered it with American influencers who offer to put money in envelopes for each future expense: leisure, bills, food… Angelique therefore made her little notebook with pockets to put the tickets. Tickets that she goes to get once a month from the distributor: she withdraws 950 euros each time. And then puts them in his notebook. Finally in her notebooks because for the week, she has a red wallet: 100 euros for food, 20 euros for leisure (“we won’t do it this week if it costs more”)… In another binder, Angélique puts 340 euros every month for future expenses. It is therefore quite strict because she will never spend more than the 950 euros withdrawn from the distributor. M6 then follows Angélique in her shopping at the supermarket and on the filming of her videos that she posts on TikTok to share her strategy and tips.

Angelique’s strategy caused a lot of reaction on Twitter, with one constant: depression. Internet users were surprised to see her withdraw so much money at once because apps exist to control her expenses, and discouraged to see her plan everything all the time, without having the opportunity to have fun or do something. unexpected thing. The sums reserved for leisure (20 euros) and Christmas (10 euros) completed them. But the tactic is obviously working very well for Angelique and she shouldn’t stop there. And we really like her piggy bank which automatically counts the coins she puts in.

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