In Capital, these 2 people who pay 24 euros to take a 2-minute ride upside down in the new attraction of Parc Astérix Tonnerre 2 Zeus but have no more money for lunch at the restaurant depress M6 viewers

After an issue devoted to the 30th anniversary of Disneyland Paris in “Zone Interdite” on March 20, “Capital” focused on other amusement parks in France. There are nearly 300 of them. Parc Astérix, Spirou, Le Fleury, Le Petit Prince are those that were followed by the cameras of “Capital”. Each offers new attractions, new shows and new parades in order to attract as many people as possible and suffer less from the comparison with Disneyland. Which if it remains expensive in terms of entries, from 62 euros, offers an almost incomparable experience according to visitors.

At Parc Astérix, where entry is available from 47 euros, 2022 marks the arrival of a new train that wants to impress customers: Tonnerre 2 Zeus. This attraction already existed but it was revisited for 7 million euros. Three years of work have enabled Parc Astérix to renovate it into a brand new wooden structure. The more comfortable carriages have been refurbished, the speed has been increased to a peak of 90 km/h, the airtimes, those moments when the person takes off from their seat, are now 17 in number (a record in Europe for such a structure), the bends are skilfully inclined, sometimes at 90°… Everything has been thought out by computers and it is now time to see if this has the desired effect on the people boarding Tonnerre 2 Zeus. Frankly, at the sight of the images of “Capital”, there is no doubt: the attraction is a sight to behold. But, surely with a view to ever greater profits, Parc Astérix has decided to offer 2 seats that are mounted upside down for 12 euros per person.

In terms of sensations, the people who pay enter the unknown since they cannot anticipate the turns, the climbs, the descents. They suffer and there, it really doesn’t seem very pleasant to live with. The couple followed by “Capital” does not seem delighted, the young woman being well mixed at the end of the tour. She indicates that she preferred the classic meaning (she was one of the first to test it a few minutes earlier). Above all, she regrets having paid 12 euros, 24 euros for two, to make Tonnerre 2 Zeus upside down. Especially since it was at the expense of lunch. She tells the cameras to M6 that they skipped lunch at the Parc Astérix restaurant to do this attraction upside down, at a fairly substantial price. Viewers of ‘Capital’ had no idea why the couple made this choice and were quite pissed off, both at the prices charged by Parc Astérix and at these two people who seem to be sacrificing a meal to get a ride. of merry-go-round. It should be noted that since the filming of “Capital”, the turn of Tonnerre 2 Zeus upside down has gone from 12 to 8 euros.