In Capital, this sequence which shows that the pilots of a low cost company are paid only 1125 euros per month, have 2 minutes to inspect the plane and sometimes fall asleep in mid-flight thus risking the crash shocks M6 viewers

A spine-chilling sequence. This is how viewers of “Capital” experienced part of the report dedicated Sunday, July 3 to low cost airlines. The objective of “Capital” was to see if the low prices offered by these companies for flights around the world were really good deals. It appears that the answer can be “yes” or “no” depending on the circumstances and the airlines in question. Within the framework of this report, the journalists of the Sunday emission of M6 collected testimonials from pilots. Who made disturbing revelations.

“Capital” reveals that the pace of work is hellish, with longer days, almost no rest period and flouted safety instructions. We learn, for example, that pilots have two minutes instead of the regulatory ten to inspect the plane and see if there is a problem that could have serious consequences. Victor, a pilot for five years, explains that “when you accumulate several hours of work with an early morning awakening, when you accumulate days extending from 10 to 12 hours, at some point you are tired, necessarily the body in suffers”. This pilot will then say that this could lead to the… crash: “It was a difficult week, it was a long flight, I asked my pilot if I could rest. I fell asleep and after about twenty minutes I noticed that the pilot next to me was also sleeping. I said to myself ‘we come close to disaster every time’.” Victor indicates that pilots are not supposed to sleep during a flight because “safety is constantly under surveillance”. M6 then broadcasts several photos of pilots sleeping in mid-flight to illustrate the pilot’s remarks. Who thinks that a crash or a serious accident can end up happening with all these problems.

“Capital” then explains that if the pilots work so much it is to have a “decent salary”. The viewers of M6 will thus learn that in certain airlines, the salary of a pilot who begins is 1125 gross per month and that beyond 45 hours of work, he receives “about 40 euros per hour”. A pilot testifies that he started at 1148 euros per month. After 4 years of experience, his salary is now between 2160 and 4000 euros gross per month depending on the number of hours flown.

These testimonies shocked people who watched “Capital” who wondered how everything was possible, with passenger safety at risk.

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