In Daily, this report which says that one is rich in France when one earns 3673 euros per month is debated among TMC viewers who have not really understood everything

“For you, what is it to be rich?” This question asked by the journalist of “Quotidien” Abda Sall made the viewers talk a lot about TMC. As well as the people interviewed in the report, shot in the South of France. While the Observatory of Inequalities estimated that one was rich in France when one earned a sum greater than 3673 euros net per month (for a person living alone), “Quotidien” wanted to know that the French thought of it . And to the famous question of knowing “what is it to be rich?”, the answers diverge. Some believe that you have to earn 10,000 euros a month to be rich, others believe that if you are rich at heart, that you have children and a house, that’s already it, others still refuse to think about it. Another refusal, that of the French to talk about their salary. Most of the people filmed by “Daily” refused to give their monthly salary. Why ? A man may have given it: “Here in France, it is important not to say that we are rich because we are thieves and when you are poor, you are idiots.”

On the side of viewers of “Daily”, the reactions oscillate between the fact that the sum of 3763 euros is more than enough to live easily, and questions about how this is calculated, with or without taxes, net or gross, single or family… Which obviously could change the situation. For the method of calculation, you should know that this threshold set by the Observatory of Inequalities is equivalent to twice the median level (half of the French population receives more, half receives less than this sum, therefore evaluated at 1836 euros) and that in the end it only concerns a minority of people. According to this report, there are 4.5 million rich people in France, thus earning more than 3,673 euros net per month (or 4,775 euros for a single-parent family with one child, 5,511 euros for a childless couple, 7,713 euros for a couple with two children). This represents 7.1% of the population.

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