In front of the mirror, Pamela Díaz’s daughter shook the network

Trini Neira She is the eldest daughter of pamela diaz, with whom he has an excellent relationship. She was recently interviewed by at the Rauw Alejandro concert and confessed how the relationship between them is: “The truth is too good, we are like best friends, like sisters, the truth. As seen on social networks. Nothing to say , it’s a seven.”

Regarding your projects for this 2022, Trinity revealed: “This year I intend to continue studying, working, more than anything. I think I will be seeing things related to fashion, but it can be changed if necessary. But for the moment in fashion.” As for dedicating herself to the same thing as his mother, she said: “In truth, in general, I am super low profile, but if it helps me for something in the future, I will use it.”