In Mexico, Daniel Arenas does not talk about his private life, but in Colombia he does

TO Daniel Arenas He has been sought in a thousand ways to share his love story with the Colombian presenter Danielle AlvarezBut no matter how hard we try, it’s impossible. The answer is always the same: “I don’t talk about my private life.” With that phrase he usually ends the interviews. It is as if it were two different people, one when he is in Mexico and the other when he spends his days in the land where he was born, Colombia.

Recently, the actor and his girlfriend, the former Miss Colombia who in 2020 suffered the amputation of her foot and part of her left leg due to ischemia, participated together in an event and gave an interview to the RCN channel, in which they spoke openly of romance, contrary to what happens when the cameras of programs like Hoy or Cuéntamelo ya! try to get even a minute of statements from the protagonist of soap operas like SOS I’m falling in love and my husband has a family.


“We are namesakes, we love each other and we are very happy,” said the host of the reality show Challenge 2019: Super Regions, while Teresa’s heartthrob extended praise for his partner, saying that he went to learn from him: “It is the first time that we are in a stage together, but that’s what it’s all about, having fun “, to which his conquered replied: “He has had to give me advice, because the directors ask me for things that I don’t know.”

Daniella confessed that she dreams of being hired as an actress, that neither of them is jealous, and that Daniel is super romantic, since he is the one who is in charge of celebrating the day they became boyfriends every month.

However, despite all the honey he pours into the relationship, Álvarez admitted that the artist is the one with the strongest character. Regarding the marriage plans, the model also stated that they do exist, and while she waits for the ring, her lover is emphatic in saying that first “you have to get to know each other, it is a process. I don’t want to get into that game of ‘they’re going to get married, they’re going to be parents’, because that doesn’t work. That is a very private and personal decision, and to talk about the children or the ring would be to go against my principles and how I think. It will be our way and at any time, but turning this into a media issue is not for me”, said the Colombian actor.


The story of both is not new, it began in 2012, when Daniella was a beauty queen. At that time, according to her, her mother, Zandra Vásquez, met the actor on a plane, and through photos she proudly showed her daughter: “Daniel, forgive me, this is my girl, she just won Miss Colombia, she is very pretty, she’s divine, she has a boyfriend, but that doesn’t matter, look how cute, how pretty, be friends’”.

Thus it was that the now mother-in-law of Arenas paved the way for what is now a reality. “I remember that they gave him my cell phone and the man wrote to me in 2013, in 2014, in 2015, but as friends, to meet me, and I always had a boyfriend. I imagine that he didn’t have a girlfriend at that time, because he’s super serious… I’m sure it was,” said the blonde, who participated as a judge in the most recent edition of Nuestra Belleza Latina, in the United States.

The crush happened after they met at lunch in 2021 and he offered to accompany her to a medical appointment. “This man has accompanied me to my prosthesis appointment, and the first thing I did was remove my leg… I think that the man who is with me and who falls in love with me has to fall in love with what I am, with my reality And that’s what happened with Daniel,” said the Colombian, who also did not want to talk to the Mexican press about the happy stage she is going through after overcoming so many emotional storms.