In Mother’s Month, Ana Claudia Talancón reveals that she will be a mother through adoption

In Mother’s Month, Ana Claudia Talancón reveals that she will be a mother through adoption. The talented actress who remained behind the spotlight for a time revealed details of her personal life, in an exclusive interview for Caras México magazine, where she shares extremely moving moments.

The protagonist of Soy tu fan tells that in recent years she has gone through difficult times when she finally decided to be a mom. “I know that I could have gotten pregnant naturally, before, but my partner told me that we better wait a year to enjoy ourselves, which I couldn’t do for a long time, because I was always with work projects.”

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Ana Claudia confesses that underwent several infertility treatments both in our country and in the United States, some of them were the extraction and fertilization of ovules, ultrasounds and follicular follow-up analysis. This marks the charismatic star, after sustaining a couple of relationships, one that lasted five years and the other one year.

Since then the renowned actress forged her desire to become a mother and start a family, beyond sustaining a relationship. However, she confesses that she experienced hard times facing all the fertilization processes alone, because the news was not favorable.

Although The Mexican complied with all the medical recommendationswhich involved taking supplements, doing energy rituals, as well as maintaining an adequate and detailed diet “the defeat was totalI got very disappointed in myself. I did not know how to accommodate so many feelings if everything in my life had been given to me in a beautiful way.

off the stage, Talancón has spent two years of his life dedicated to the Foundation Here Nobody Gives Upwhere he shares his time with minors, with whom he plays and spends time with them, since he obtains great satisfaction.

Perhaps this is one of the reasons why The 42-year-old actress decided to be a mom. since he confesses “I end up falling in love with these pure souls”. For this reason he does not rule out the possibility, even has started the dialogue on the opportunity to adopt to one of the little ones.

Ana Claudia highlights that she always wanted to be a mother: “I know that living with one or several little ones is going to be incredible. I always wanted to have three children, although today I think I should start with one and little by little start building my family”. This is how the actress opened her heart to express her most sincere feelings in this Mother’s Month. Talancón will return to the stage with the role of Malena in El Galán.

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