In photo, this moment of laughter and complicity between Emmanuel Macron and his granddaughters

Saturday, May 7, the husband of Brigitte Macron again became President of the French Republic during the traditional investiture ceremony. The opportunity to celebrate the event as a family with his grandchildren.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the investiture ceremony on Saturday, May 7, Soazig de la Moissonnière, Emmanuel Macron’s official photographer, managed to capture a moment of sweetness. In front of one of the doors which overlooks the gardens of the Élysée, we see Emmanuel Macron take the two granddaughters of Brigitte Macron in his arms. They are Emma and Elise, the respective daughters of Laurence and Tiphaine Auzière. Time seems to have stopped during this embrace. The two little ones (who we know call Emmanuel Macron “Daddy”) are dressed in black and laugh, very complicit with the President of the Republic.

In the comments, Internet users seem seduced by this moment of happiness revealed to them by the photographer. “The last photo is full of love, thank you for these home photos, where you can get to know Mr. President better and get closer. Thank you for being open,” wrote one of them.

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In the privacy of the Elysée

During his mandate, Emmanuel Macron seems to have wanted to open the doors of the Élysée and his life as president to the French. For some time now, Soazig de la Moissonnière has been publishing photos of the Head of State in more informal situations. His Instagram community remembers in particular the snapshot of the president, open shirt, sitting on a sofa, on April 16.

A photo that had toured the Internet and TV sets, even crossing the Atlantic to land in the Tonight Show on NBC, in the United States, presented by Jimmy Fallon. Faced with the enthusiasm born around the work of the photographer, Emmanuel Macron had himself joked on the set of C to youMonday, April 18, declaring: “It was very hot in Marseille, as you saw…”.