In photos, Prince Louis, 4, steals the show from his brother and sister during Christmas mass

Prince Louis steals the show from the rest of the Royal Family at Sandringham Christmas Mass

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After the jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, the little boy was once again illustrated by his jokes during the traditional Christmas celebrations at Sandringham, on Sunday December 25.

“The prince louis is the star of the show at Sandringham,” headlined the Telegram yesterday, Sunday, December 25. The youngest of Prince William and Kate Middleton has indeed stole the show from the royal family during the traditional Christmas mass to which the Windsors go every year. It was the first time the 4-year-old boy had attended the event. The opportunity for the brother of Prince George, 9, and Princess Charlotte, 7, to greet the crowd alongside his mother, before taking the step of Saint Mary Magdalene Church.

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Internet users’ favorite

Despite the cool temperatures, Prince Louis sported shorts, hidden under a navy blue coat. According to Telegram, the little boy wished those who came to greet him a Merry Christmas, and was presented with a stuffed elf and a portrait of Paddington Bear, which he in turn handed to a follower of royalty. This did not prevent Prince Louis, who remains a little boy (almost) like the others, from showing his impatience by pulling Kate Middleton’s arm to ask him to move on. A sequence that aroused the hilarity of internet users.

Became the darling of social networks in June, during the Queen’s jubilee – he then appeared on the balcony of Buckingham, his eyes raised to the sky, multiplying grimaces and joyful cries, before sticking his tongue out or preventing his mother to speak during the grand final parade – the grandson of King Charles III was already the most anticipated guest of these celebrations. A week earlier, the Mirror indeed predicted his coming to Sandringham. And this, to the delight of the British, whose hearts he has already delighted.

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