in photos, the worst accidents of the red carpets

Jennifer Lawrence after falling down the stairs at the Oscars. Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Shoes that are too small, a strong gust of wind, a dress that is more transparent than expected… Ceremonies are far from being a long calm river. Back to these unforgettable fiascos.

The red carpets are a veritable stylistic showcase. Under the spotlight, the stars compete in elegance and audacity. But when it comes to passing under the eye of the cameras in fabrics that are too heavy, too light, too transparent, haute couture begins to rhyme with high aerobatics. Faced with the wardrobe accidents that everyone encounters one day, not everyone is in the same boat: it is easier to recover from an open fly or a suspender that falls in public when you is not immortalized by photographers around the world. Of Sophie Marceau at Jennifer Lawrence via Brad Pitt, back to these shots that put our little moments of loneliness into perspective.

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Dysfunctional red carpet outfits

“Wardrobe malfunction”, a scandal at the origin of the term

The term wardrobe malfunction, which can be translated as “wardrobe malfunction” is frequently used in the Anglo-Saxon press: it designates a failure of clothing leading to the unintentional exposure of a part of the body that one would have preferred to keep covered . The neologism was born only in 2004, after an accident having occurred, live, in front of a hundred million spectators. On the night of the Super Bowl final, Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake perform together on stage. At the end of the song, the singer is expected to tear off part of his colleague’s bustier, which should reveal her bra. But the former member of boy band NSYNC does not measure his strength and tears off the two layers of clothing, revealing the breast of Janet Jackson. The sequence triggers a controversy: the “nipple gate”. The term of wardrobe malfunction was born a few days later, in the mouth of Justin Timberlake, explaining the reasons for the incident to the media.

However, if the word has remained today to describe small dress failures, nipple-gate has had other consequences which may seem disproportionate. This event was the reason why the Oscars decided to broadcast the ceremony with a 5-minute delay, to deal with any live hazard. A practice that the ABC channel then generalized to all its programs of this type.

For Janet Jackson, who that night becomes the most searched name on the Internet in a day, the consequences are more complicated. Ousted from the ceremony Grammy Awards, which was to be held in the process, she sees her popularity plummet as Justin Timberlake continues his rise. A double standard that the latter finally takes into account, in 2021, by apologizing and acknowledging having benefited from a system which “tolerates misogyny and racism”. Proof that a dress accident is not always so trivial.

In video, the incident of the Super Bowl, during the performance of Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake