In photos, Valérie Lemercier and her sprain, in the front row of the Stéphane Rolland fashion show

The French couturier presented his new haute couture collection on January 24 at the Chaillot National Theater in Paris. The French actress had called on the designer for the costumes for her film Aline in 2020.

Valerie Lemercier looked in great shape for the presentation of the new haute couture collection of Stephane Rolland. The actress, surrounded by the Slovak television presenter Adriana Karembeu and the director Claude Lelouchwas in the front row of the parade which was held on Tuesday January 24 at the national theater of Chaillot, in the 16e district of Paris.


It takes more than one sprain for Valérie Lemercier to become sullen. The actress and humorist has indeed entrusted to Paris Match that she had broken her wriststupidly falling on the carpet», Which did not prevent her from clowning around in front of the photographers. Nor to converse with ardor with Adriana Karembeu.

Valérie Lemercier boosted at the Stéphane Rolland fashion show

A close collaboration

It’s no surprise that we saw the interpreter of Frénégonde de Pouille and Béatrice de Montmirail – in Visitors (1993) – at the forefront of this show. The star of the French comedy had indeed called on the couturier to dress her in Aline (2020), film loosely based on the life of Celine Dion, which she directed and where she plays the main role. The couturier, renowned for his architectural and floating silhouettes, is also well known to the Quebec singer: he dresses her regularly during her appearances on the Red carpet.

Valérie Lemercier attends the gala dinner which followed the 47e Cesar ceremony, at Fouquet’s. We had just awarded her the César for best actress for Aline where she played Celine Dion. Outfit for the occasion: her dress was signed Stéphane Rolland, the singer’s very popular designer. (Paris, February 26, 2022.) Abaca

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