In Santiago it is commented: “The Sun of the Morning” continues to create history

Hello good day! How quickly time passes, and to think that it was yesterday when my friends from Sol de la Mañana started the program on the radio station chain of the distinguished businessman Antonio Espaillat, with effort, dedication, tireless work, capacity and talent, forming a good team of communication professionals, who made and continue to create history.

Their analyzes are commented on by important sectors of society and have obtained a great rating, making them say “they said it in El Sol”, very few reach that credibility.

Julio Martínez Pozo is the coordinator with great success, a great journalist, intellectual, who dominates broad national and international issues, Julio must be listened to, tremendous program. Congratulations to all!

+ Gala Dinner

And how every year, an important sector of Santiago society meets at a gourmet dinner at the mansion of the Cabrera Vidal spouses, to celebrate the departure of El Sol de la Mañana, this time the tenth anniversary.

In each celebration, this family throws the door out the window, where several of the hosts of the program attended, as well as the businessman Antonio Espaillat, whom he was not meeting with a new look, he looks younger than he is, without leaving his chivalry and beautiful smile.

Say hello to our dear friends Eury Cabral, Pedro Jiménez and of course my full pana, Martínez Pozo, who has garnered great friends from the Santiago oligarchy.

We received the wonderful attention of the hosts, Ana Antonia Vidal and Arquímedes Cabrera, this social meeting was held in the area of ​​the spectacular pool with the musical entertainment of the immense Samuel González, exquisite drinks, good wines, champagnes and before dinner the waiters They offered succulent catering services, and at ten o’clock at night the hostess invited us to go to the attractive and exquisite buffet, very varied, including grilled pigs, suckling pig and chilindrón.

Then we went to taste the desserts, including coffee and liqueurs, others smoked cigars.

The atmosphere was very close, good conversations, builders, bankers, officials and young millennials gathered there, in short, it was a night to remember this anniversary of El Sol de la Mañana.

+ Theater season

A very important theater season was announced by the Banco de Reservas in the person of Mr. Samuel Pereyra, administrator of this institution, at a very well-attended press conference, spoke Wilson Rodríguez, press director of the bank, who expressed the great support of Banreservas to the theater , as master of ceremonies was Luis Rojas, who did a great job as a communicator in this activity. We will give more details about the presentation of this theater group by Haffe Serrulle, who in this meeting received the support of all his brothers, how great the union of this family.

+ disloyalty

Why is it that when a party is not in power there are people who benefited the most in everything, often even without merit or political tradition, as recently happened with a young man who had everything in an organization and now Everything is bad?

That is to say, they did not even walk with their little newspaper taking fight in those years, then they resign, because it was not what they thought. But why didn’t they do it when they enjoyed the honeys of power? So if it’s good. Until next time.