In support of the LGTBI+ community, actor Alan Estrada decides to reveal that he is gay

the mexican actor allan estrada He decided this Monday night to publicly reveal that he is gay in a way of supporting the LGTBI+ community.

Through a message on his Twitter account, Estrada explained that although “I never talk about my private life”, since his social circle is aware of his attraction to people of the same sex, he wanted to show solidarity with those who do suffer “for his orientation and the rejection of his family”.

“You are not alone, I celebrate you and you deserve to love and be loved,” he said.

Likewise, the also youtuber, creator of “Alan around the world”, sent his followers a message of hope for these holidays.

“To all those who have not had a good time this Christmas, have had anxiety, fear or depression. I hug them. Everything will be fine, ”she finished.

Estrada’s tweet, who has participated in soap operas such as “A que no le cuentas”, “Amor bravío” and “Verano de amor”, already has 6.2 million views, more than 100 thousand likes, thousands of retweets and thousands of responses to your words by other users of that social network.