“In the age of almost everything digital, books create a link with people”

A former cook at the Elysée, Guillaume Gomez is the author of cookbooks that go around the best tables. He was the guest of the Festival Des Livres Des Artistes on the weekend of July 2 and 3 in Paris.

Paris Match.Why be here at the Artists’ Book Festival? Is it important to meet the public?
William Gomez. For several reasons. Already because the organizers François Smadja and Nathalie Lévy asked me to. It’s a nice action. We may not say it enough, but this festival is above all aimed at the public. This festival shows that reading can be accessed through different channels, whether it is cooking, whether it is dancing, whether it is stars, because there are stars who are there, but there are also authors, let’s say “real” writers. So there is a bit of everything. In addition, part of the profits from bookstore sales go to the Lectures pour tous association, which fights for access to books and against illiteracy. So it is above all a good deed. And then ? This is the third time I have taken part in this festival. It’s always great times. We meet people that we cannot necessarily meet the rest of the year because they are not the same universes and therefore it is always beautiful encounters. I have met here great writers, artists, dancers, actors, singers. Here, it allows you to spend a beautiful weekend at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, in the most beautiful city in the world, in Paris. In addition, it is in free access, it is free. It’s important to also show that culture can be free at any time. Of course, books have to be bought. But there are conferences, exchanges, meetings and all that, it’s free. In the age of almost everything digital, books create a link with people.

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You came with a cookbook, “Gourmet recipes from fruits & vegetables from our territories”. Do you like making books?
I’ve done books on philosophy and cookbooks. And it’s true that each time, it’s a different exercise. When we build a book, we do it according to the expectations and, of course, the desires that we have. But you shouldn’t make a book that looks like the previous one. So a book is a state of mind, which must mark its time. There are books that I hope are timeless, like the big book that I did, “Cooking, step-by-step lessons”, and then others that live according to seasonality, according to desires. I also hope that the children who have learned to cook with Step-by-Step Cooking Lessons for Kids, which has been voted the best cookbook in the world by the way, will have memories of this book, part of nostalgia. There are a lot of people who always talk to me about Raymond Oliver’s book “La Cuisine est un jeu d’enfants”, everyone has read it, just like the books of Tante Marie or Auguste Escoffier. I try different themes each time so that the people who follow you can benefit from different books. So my latest book is about cooking with vegetables. It’s not making an ode to veganism, it’s just showing that, by cooking fruits and vegetables, we can take pleasure, we can have fun, we can cook, we can tell another story.

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