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The return of the series “There is room in the background” to Peruvian television continues to generate expectation among its followers. This Saturday, the program “You are in all” surprised everyone with a fun behind-the-scenes look at the fiction recordings in Punta Sal.

‘Choca’ Mandros traveled with the “Al fondo hay lugar” team and spoke with some of the stars, including Erick Elera and Magdyel Ugaz, who will once again play ‘Joel Gonzales’ and ‘Teresita Collazos’, respectively.

“It has been emotional, magical, nice to dress again as ‘Joel’. It’s like one is possessed, I read the scripts and it is inevitable to laugh when thinking about how the scenes will be. People asked for it, there are new characters”, told the actor Erick Elera.

“People say that it will not be the same, obviously, see what the series ended up with, the last chapters because this comes with the leg held high. ‘There is room in the background’ always played a little with what is happening in the country, we are going to continue with that”, added the popular ‘fish face’.

For her part, actress Magdyel Ugaz also referred to her return as the popular ‘Tere’, who will now take on a new role in the series as a mother.

“La Tere is a lady, a mother of a family, the mother of a beautiful child. It’s been incredible, the first scenes we’ve all had together I couldn’t believe it. It is as if they had paused and then they put play ”Ugaz specified.

Erick Elera in recordings of "There is room in the background"
Erick Elera in recordings of “In the background there is a place”.

The program report also featured actors Adolfo Chuiman, Yvonne Fraysinett, Mónica Sánchez, David Almandoz, Laszlo Kovacs, Gustavo Bueno, Karina Scander and Jorge Guerra. All of them will be part of the new season of “Al fondo hay lugar”.


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