In the cinema there is also hope; They premiere The Ship – El Sol de México

One of the objectives Miguel (Pablo Cruz) as announcer in the children’s program The shipis to bring joy and spread good vibes to his listeners, however, by having a pessimistic and depressive attitude towards life, this task becomes an ordeal for him.

Arriving at the station radiohis bad mood and his sarcastic way of saying things do not help the environment improve, much less the relationship with his boss.

One day, after being conditioned for his bad behavior, he receives a call from Gerardo (Santiago Beltrán), a boy with cancer terminal that asks Miguel meet the ship and with it travel to the beach.

The announcer, not knowing what to do, follows instructions from his boss and tries to fulfill his dream, but there will be some obstacles that could truncate that goal.

This is how the film unfolds. The ship, history inspired by real events and will be available in cinemas Starting this Thursday.

“It is a beautiful story, full of humanity, as a director I wanted to return to do something like that. Fortunately, my career has sent me to various places, but I already wanted to do something about people, their problems and how they respond to them, even to provocation.

“I thought it was important, that’s why I decided to make a movie of people, by people and for the people”, affirmed the director of the Batán Silva project in an interview.

The plot is based on the story of the announcer Oaxacan Miguel Pérez, who contacted actor Pablo Cruz a decade ago to invite him to his show, was there where the protagonist realized the positive impact on his community, with only his voice.

“Fortunately, I not only had the opportunity to talk with Miguel, I was also able to shadow his life, his house, meet his family, his collaborators, his friends.

“That allowed me to become more sensitive to the circumstances, to empathize more with the intention, where they came from, where the desire of this character to help other people originates from and use his radio program to generate good messages,” said Cruz.

One of the main engines to bring about change in the life of the announcer is the support of Leo (Maya Zapata), a strong and courageous woman, who motivates him to fight for a goal that was set to fulfill the dream of Gerardo.

“Like a actressit is a pride to have the opportunity to interpret complex characters, of strong women, but who are realistic, because there was a time when we were women with men’s personalities since it always has to do with who writes the story, to see from what point of view the character is told.

“It is good to play these roles that look like us, that fear of looking at strong women is removed, eliminate that prejudice that they dislike because they are tough and know what they want because they are very clear about what they will get, that they are owners of their destiny”, shared Zapata.

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Prior to participating in this headbandthose involved were already interested in supporting foundations with different causes, however, since the project began five years ago, Pablo Cruz approached associations such as AMANC (Mexican Association to Help Children with Cancer, IAP), Cancer Warriors of Mexico, Dr. Sonrisas AC Foundation and Here Nobody Gives Up IAP in order to support.

In fact, the last weekend of April they were invited to the screening of the headbandprior to the premiere.

“The movie has a message of empathy and hope, despite the fact that it talks about difficult circumstances that we could all go through, it is thanks to the good attitude and hope that others give us that makes this film have a meaning and a very positive. Without a doubt, it leaves us with a message of empathy that we want to share with everyone,” Cruz emphasized.