In the live show – the presenter has a momentous micro breakdown

ZDF charity gala - The sch

Carmen Nebel has been in front of the camera since 1979.Image: IMAGO / Monn picture agency


Helen Kleinschmidt

In the run-up to Christmas, many people probably think more than usual of the year about helping those who don’t have it as easy in life as they do. That’s why there are significantly more calls for donations in December than in summer, for example.

This was also the case at the ZDF fundraising gala “The most beautiful Christmas hits”. There the presenter Carmen Nebel collected money from the viewers in front of the television for a good cause on Thursday evening. However, a mishap happened to her live, which maneuvered her and a caller into a delicate situation.

Carmen Nebel moderates the “Christmas Hits” for the 15th time

Carmen Nebel moderated the hit show on the evening of December 8th for the 15th time. According to “DWDL”, the program on ZDF achieved a good rating with 3.85 million viewers. Schlager fans could look forward to guests such as Roland Kaiser, Ross Anthony and Andreas Gabalier, who performed live.

Actor Mark Keller was also a guest on the show. He sat on the phone throughout the evening to collect donations from viewers. But when he went on stage to sing the famous Christmas song “Have yourself a merry little Christmas”, Carmen Nebel took his place at the donation phone.

Mark Keller also performs on stage with a Christmas classic.

Mark Keller also performs on stage with a Christmas classic.Image: IMAGO / Monn picture agency

Moderator does not notice that viewers can overhear the phone call

That’s where the faux pas happened: Although Mark Keller was still performing on stage, you suddenly heard the moderator’s voice from the background. She was on the phone and speaking to a caller who would like to make a donation. Thereby repeated To be sure, she repeated the viewer’s phone number so that everyone could hear her.

It is unclear whether Carmen Nebel has the technicians to thank for the breakdown or whether she was responsible for it herself. And just forgot to mute her mic.

Mark Keller noticed the delicate situation and rushed to the moderator’s help. Seconds later, Carmen Nebel also realized what had just happened. She quickly informed the caller that she didn’t need her account number before another mishap could have happened.

Despite the unpleasant incident, more than 2.6 million euros were ultimately collected through the showwhich are now being donated to the Christian aid organizations “Misereor” and “Brot für die Welt”.

The show was a complete success with 2,659,025 euros in donations.

The show was a complete success with 2,659,025 euros in donations.Image: IMAGO / Monn picture agency

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