In the middle of Instagram live, Émilie (MAPR) cracks and attacks the haters who disrupt the broadcast

On the evening of Sunday October 2, 2022, Émilie, unveiled on the show Married at first sightorganized a live Instagram with Beverly, who created the association she chose to support, We are together. Faced with the comments of the haters, she did not let herself be done…

She was committed to supporting an association, she kept her word. Émilie, who participated in the sixth season of Married at first sight on M6, wants to take advantage of his fame to get involved. Thus, the one who originally wanted to set up her association to help children finally decided to become godmother to one of them. She chose to support We are together, an association set up by Beverly and Jean-Paul, parents of little Romeo, a child with multiple disabilities. She identified with their story, which touched her deeply. In fact, during her pregnancy, Émilie had been told that her daughter, Lina, might be disabled – that’s why the father left. In the end, her daughter has nothing, but Émilie is still traumatized by this period. ” I still have nightmares, it’s a tough fight “, she confided in a live on Sunday October 2, 2022. “ I burned out where I couldn’t get up in the morning “. Thus, she gave the floor during this live to Beverly, Romeo’s motherso that she entrusts her story to her subscribers.

Excessive comments

Her son, little Romeo, has a malformation of the corpus callosum causing engine problems : “ He cannot sit up, his head does not always hold up, and he suffers from involuntary muscle stiffness (limb hypertonia) “, she describes during the live. But while his guest confided in his journey, the live was disrupted by cruel comments criticizing Beverly. ” There are other women who have disabled or sick children they do not complain “, we could thus read. Enough to get Émilie out of her hinges, who had to interrupt the live to delete the comments. ” How can a mother talk like that? she wondered. ” Did you raise a sick child? Do you know what it is? she asked the one who had posted several aggressive comments. ” They are not women “thus asserted Lina’s mother, before revealing that she knew most of her haters. ” There are a lot of fake accounts, when you get famous… i know who is behind these fake accounts, they are people i know and a complaint has been filed “, she assured.