In the middle of the French presidential campaign, one of Eric Zemmour’s sons comes out of silence

In the middle of the French presidential campaign, one of Eric Zemmour's sons comes out of silence

©captured Youtube Guillaume Pley

Yes, Eric Zemmour has three children and the second of them is called Thibaut. The latter has never spoken in public since his father’s candidacy for the presidential election but agreed to participate in an interview with Guillaume Pley who offers the program “Campaign HQ”, in video format.

We therefore discover thanks to this interview the face of Thibaut, 24, with strong features similar to those of his father, rather comfortable in front of the camera. “It’s the first time I’ve decided to show myself, only because it’s a little less conventional show than what you can see on traditional television”, he announces. “I think it will be the one and only, I’m not too interested in showing myself.”

The itchy question: does the young man support his father? The answer is yes. When his presidential candidacy was announced, his siblings encouraged him: “We told him ‘Go ahead, go for it!'”. “I am often very proud of him (…)”he explains. “I find it most of the time very clear and very compelling. I support it and I would feel guilty if I didn’t.” Although he sometimes admits to scrutinizing and criticizing his father’s interventions. “We try to talk to each other calmly, we exchange (…) I sometimes criticize him but the criticism is always positive. I know him and that interests me.”

During this interview, we also learn that Thibaut Zemmour has never encountered too many difficulties in his schooling in the face of the controversial name he bears. Never a few except with… the faculty. “Because teachers are often on the left, supports his father Eric. IThey made him pay a little for my positions.”