In the middle of the street, Livia Brito boasts a laundry room with a white top

After being missing for almost a week, the beautiful Cuban actress Livia Brito He reappeared on his Instagram profile, where he shared a flirtatious photo session that left more than one of his fans open-mouthed, because he dared to waste his beauty with a sports outfit that exposed his abdomen. steel and turned figure.

During the last few days, the popular television celebrity has been quite busy due to the recordings of the new telenovela ‘Nobody’s Woman’ in which she will star alongside the actor Marcus Ornelaswhich will be produced by Giselle González and broadcast on the Televisa channel in a couple of months.

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Even when she is very busy in the middle of filming the new melodrama, the famous protagonist of ‘Italian Girl Comes to Marry’ tries to find a few minutes of her time to create attractive content that will be liked by her more than 6.9 million followers.

Once again, the successful actress drew the attention of all her fans with her recent publication through her personal account on the social network of the camera, where she can be seen posing in the middle of the street with a charming outfit from the new collection of the sportswear brand ‘Alo yoga’.

Lidia Brito took advantage of her short break to model a long-sleeved crop top and white sports pants that caught the eyes of all her fans, while proudly showing off her laundry along with her slender silhouette, which she has forged thanks to dedication and effort. in his strict training.

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To accompany her publication, the beautiful model born in Cubaplaced a phrase in the description of the postcards to motivate his followers, where he wrote: “Believe in you baby and everything will be possible”, in addition to tagging the American company that makes the clothes he wears.

“Beautiful”, “always so pretty”, “and I also believe in you”, “my queen that I love so much”, “the most beautiful woman in the world”, “I love your outfit”, “that perfect abdomen”, “the great body what are you bringing”, “a little angel made a beautiful woman”, “You are so cute, you are a hottie”, were just some of the messages that her fans wrote.

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