In the midst of her separation Shakira continues to shine with her dances – Nueva Mujer

A Shakira nothing stops her and in the midst of her separation with Gerard Piqué she keeps doing what she likes the most: sing and dance.

The media They have bombarded with information about the couple, especially about the infidelity that the player of the Barcelona Fc.

Despite the rain critics and attacks around the partner The interpreter has focused on her children, her father, who was recently hospitalized for a fall, and her career.

Shakira’s challenge that has caused a furor

After the success of his last song ‘Congratulations’ beside Raw Alexander, has gone viral challenge of Shakira with her particular choreography and hundreds of fans have joined her initiative.

And it is that the diva of 45 years has proven throughout his career that dancing is one of his innate talents with his particular movement of the hips that leaves more than one stunned.

‘Congratulations’ It is one of the topics of the moment and many have assured that its lyrics are related to their separation because it talks about a man liar and unfaithful

Given this the famous, decided to take advantage of his misfortune and make his fans dance at the robotic rhythm of his choreography.

As expected, it has quickly become trends and thousands of fans they emulate the steps (which are not easy at all) of the Colombian from different countries.

the famed Jimmy Fallon, also joined the challenge of this hit during his program dressed in a suit and tie, during one of Shakira’s visits where he also took the opportunity to do some choreography of TikTok.

Another of the big projects that keeps her busy is dancing with myself, a contest series where he is a judge with Nick Jonas and Liza Koshy.