In the ranking of the 100 most influential people in the world, Colombia stepped strong

With two women and one man, Colombia made itself felt in the international press. Cristina Villarreal, Ana Cristina González and David Vélez were the Colombian quota in the ranking of the 100 most influential people in the world, published by Time magazine.

Villarreal and González are two activists for abortion, creators of the Table for Life and two important figures of the Just Cause for Abortion collective. The trajectory of both women in the fight for reproductive rights and women’s health is extensive. Villarreal is the creator of Oriéntame, one of the first organizations in the country to provide advice on access to abortion. For her part, González has worked for the World Health Organization, the United Nations and founded the Medical Group for the Right to Decide in the country.

David Velez, creator of the digital and independent bank Nubank, entered the ranking in the innovative category. Vélez managed to consolidate a banking company that has been described as the best bank in Brazil, according to Forbes magazine, and one of the most innovative companies in Latin America.

super inclusion

Iman Vellani Will Be Marvel's First Muslim Heroine
Iman Vellani Will Be Marvel’s First Muslim Heroine Photo: Getty Images

Disney premiered the new Ms. Marvel series, which is now exclusively available on the Disney+ platform. The production, which is part of the long universe of Marvel superheroes, features the first female superhero of Muslim origin, named Khamala Khan, and is played by 19-year-old Canadian actress of Pakistani descent Iman Vellani.

In the series, Khan, a teenager living in the American city of Jersey, gains powers in the middle of a comic book and costume convention to later become a superhero, like her idol, Captain Marvel. For now, the series has a good reception from the public after the publication of the first two episodes, out of a total of six. Likewise, it is expected that the new addition to the superhero universe will be part of the movie The Marvels, which will be released next year.

mourning on tv

Director Alfredo Tappan
Director Alfredo Tappan- Photo: leonardo sanchez

Director Alfredo Tappan passed away on June 7 in Bogotá after presenting various health problems. His son, the renowned actor Christian Tappan, communicated the news on his social networks. “Goodbye, beautiful father, I will love you forever,” said the actor of the series Primate, who next to the message put a portrait of his father, who died at the age of 79, after a life linked to cinema and television.

Tappan’s career began in his native Mexico, where he participated in several acclaimed soap operas, becoming director of productions for Televisa at the young age of 19. Later, due to work issues, he came to Colombia, where he met his wife, María Cristina Sorzano.

After that, his work was framed by an exchange between Colombia and Mexico, countries in which he achieved great recognition.

Peace in his grave.

a forceful voice

Actor Matthew McConaughey spoke out about carrying weapons in the United States
Actor Matthew McConaughey spoke out about carrying weapons in the United States Photo: Getty Images

The Oscar-winning actor Matthew McConaughey showed his most human side at a White House event atl Call for more regulations for firearms in the United States after the massacre of 19 children and two teachers at a school in Uvalde, Texas.

In the middle of a speech, he reminded the young victims with testimonies of their lives, of the dreams they had for life and the moment they were murdered, all this to ask for greater control over the sale of arms. “We’re in a window of opportunity right now that we haven’t been in before, a window where it looks like real change, real change can happen.”said the actor through tears, remembering that one girl was recognized only by the shoes she wore, while another dreamed of going to the School of Fine Arts in Paris one day.

Do not stop

Amber Heard, ex-wife of Johnny Depp, sent a message to the actor after losing a million dollar lawsuit.
Amber Heard, ex-wife of Johnny Depp, sent a message to the actor after losing a million dollar lawsuit. – Photo: Getty Images

Johnny Depp won a million dollar lawsuit against his ex-wife Amber Heard. Despite the fact that both have already left the courtroom, the clashes on social networks have not stopped.

Depp published, a few days ago, an emotional message on his TikTok account in which he claimed to be “moving forward”. Heard was not silent and responded through her legal spokesperson, “While Johnny Depp says he is ‘moving forward,’ women’s rights are regressing (…) The jury’s message to victims of domestic violence is: be afraid to stand up and speak out,” said the actress.

After a controversial and mediatic case in a court in the state of Virginia, Heard must pay her ex-husband a figure of 15 million dollars in compensation for having slandered him. The actress, who was relieved of many of her contracts, said she does not have enough money to pay that figure.

New love?

Colombian soccer player James Rodríguez seems to have found a new love. James, who currently plays for Qatar’s Al-Rayyan, would have an alleged love affair with Barranquilla actress Kimberly Reyes.

According to the speculations of some social network users, the actress and the athlete began their relationship a few weeks ago, after Reyes confirmed her divorce from businessman Federico Severini.

What has attracted the most attention is the age difference between the two. James is three years younger than his alleged new girlfriend, who is 33 years old. Apparently, the Colombian soccer player likes to have partners older than him. His previous partner, Shannon de Lima, was also three years older than him.