in the video, Adele interrupts in the middle of the song to help fans in distress

While performing a concert in London, the British singer abruptly stopped to help some fans stuck in the crowd.

A demonstration of elegance, from every point of view. While performing a concert at the BST Hyde Park Festival in London on Friday – her first in the UK since 2017 – singer Adele paused to help distressed fans, visibly oppressed by the crowd, composed that evening of 65,000 people.

It was during his famous hit Sky Fall, taken from the soundtrack of one of James Bond, which the 34-year-old British artist abruptly interrupted, having noticed the commotion of the public. She then asked her band to stop playing, raising her hands and shouting, “Stop, stop, stop.” Adele then approached the crowd, urging them to “step aside”, to ask: “Security? Do you need help from security?”. The interpreter of Rolling in The Deep then guided the security service to the struggling fans: “Right in the middle, you see them, they are waving. Can you see them there, can you go there?” Before reassuring the unfortunate until they are out of danger: “They are coming, they are coming. Everyone step aside, please”. The Grammy-winning singer-songwriter only resumed her concert after making sure people had been taken to safety. Then took back his title Sky Fall under the acclamations nourished by an audience who insisted on applauding his gesture.

Adele tries her hand at twerking at London gig

This intervention by Adele recalls the infamous concert of Travis Scott, during the Astroworld festival in November 2021, during which a stampede killed nine people and injured hundreds of others. Since this tragic incident, artists have become more sensitive to the safety conditions of their audience during concerts. Adele seems to be leading the way.