In “The Voice”, Florent Pagny evokes his cancer and moves the public

Florent Pagny, with a shaved head, spoke about his cancer on Saturday during “The Voice”.

He is one of the most iconic characters of “The Voice”. Florent Pagny, coach of the show for years, was present on Saturday evening on TF1. If this program had been recorded on February 19, the channel confirmed a few days ago that the singer suffering from cancer would be there for the live broadcasts which will take place from May 14. Appearing with a shaved head, as he had already done during the big concert organized for Ukraine on France 2 in early March, he discussed his illness with host Nikos Aliagas.

The latter addressed the artist, pointing out that he had a new haircut. “It’s not even a haircut anymore”, replied Florent Pagny with humor, recalling that he had already sported this look “for 5 years”. “These chemos, it makes you lose your hair. But it’s okay, it doesn’t prevent us from staying in shape and looking good, ”he continued lightly. Compared to “Master Yoda” by Nikos Aliagas then to the “teacher with the shaved head of X-Men” by Amel Bent, the interpreter of “My freedom of thought” moved the public who, on social networks, did not wasted no time in giving him his full support.

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His tour canceled

In a video posted on his Instagram account on January 25, Florent Pagny had sadly announced that he could not complete his 60-year tour. “I have to cancel all of my concerts due to a health problem. I was just diagnosed with a lung tumor. I’m sorry but health first,” he revealed. Supported by his wife, Azucena Caamaño, the singer said he had returned to “warrior mode” in order to face this “particular ordeal”. On TF1, he then indicated that he could not be operated on but had “only one tumor, no metastases”. “We don’t operate but there are really good treatments and I’m taking it pretty well”. After revealing his illness, he received a torrent of messages of love from his friends in the community but also from his fans. He then compared these words to “tsunami of love” and wanted to thank all the people who “contribute to everything going well in a somewhat critical moment”.