In this way Andrea Escalona mocks and humiliates her competition

Mexico City.- The production of andrea rodriguez is partying, since once again the Hoy program is positioned as the most watched morning show on Mexican open television, which is why its hosts bragged in style, one of them was Andrea Escalona who mocks and humiliates his competition.

As usual, Televisa again sank in rating to its competition, the morning of Aztec TVVenga la Alegría, by overcoming it with a humiliating 125% in audience levels.

Several years have passed since the great success of the Hoy program, led by Andrea Legarreta Y Galilea Montijo in driving, and as you know the adjust and the company Saint Angel They maintain a fierce war to steal each rating point from the competition.

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The host shared this image to make it clear that Hoy is the most watched program. Photo: Instagram.

Being one of the programs with the most direct competition the morning ones of both companies: Venga la Alegría and the Hoy program, produced by Dio Lluberes Y andrea rodriguezrespectively, who strive daily to offer the best content to their viewers to keep their attention throughout the program.

And it’s already been several months since the program hosted by Andrea Escalona and Tania Rincon has remained the leader in its time slot, beating the Anette Cuburu Y Cynthia Rodriguez with almost double the audience, because while one manages to exceed one million, the other and by far.

Andrea celebrates that Hoy is the most watched morning show on Mexican open television. Photo: Special.

Now, this achievement was boasted on her social networks by the renowned daughter of Magda Rodriguezniece of the producer of the broadcast, because through the stories of her account Instagram where he shared an image, in which he is seen very smiling on a white background and orange letters, in which he states that Hoy is the most watched program by Mexican viewers, surpassing Venga la Alegría.

But not only that, but they also make it clear that Televisa sinks Tv Azteca with 125 percent more, since they stated that while they reached one million viewers, the competition only had 475 thousand viewers.

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