In this way Pepe Aguilar takes advantage of the Zacatecas government

Mexico City.- There are already several weeks that the Aguilar family is being criticized, yes because Ángela snubbed an elderly person, or if her father yelled at her in a live broadcast, but the most notorious in recent months was the leaking of the photos of the daughter of Pepe Aguilar With an alleged boyfriend 15 years older than her, so the family took their bags and went to clear their heads in Paris.

Now, Angela Aguilar She is not the protagonist of the scandal but her father, who is being accused of benefiting from the government of Zacatecas by having security people from that state, whose salary would presumably come from

The person in charge of filtering the information was the journalist Jorge Carbajalwho uncovered the actions of the interpreter of “For women like you” in his YouTube program “En Shock”, which leads with the announcer philip cross “The Philip”.

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The family lives in California, but has a ranch in Zacatecas. Photo: Special.

During the streaming it was commented that when the Aguilar family comes to spend time at their ranch, located in Zacatecasthe vernacular music singer has public security elements from that town, who escort them during their stay.

The Aguilars live in Zacatecas, they are from Zacatecas and there they have the ranch, well, they live in the United States, in Calabasas, California, but they have the ranch in Zacatecas, they have a lot of support in Zacatecas but not from the public, rather from the Government of Zacatecas”, explained the youtuber.

According to the information that emerges from the entity itself, it is known that it is becoming very insecure, which is why the singer prefers to ask for favors from his contacts in the government, than to pay for his own private security.

In this sense, it transpired that Pepe and his family “say that they have the support of the government, of the police, that they are bodyguards for the Aguilars.”

It is known that in Zacatecas they have the police to protect them every time they go. Photo: Special.

In addition, he added: “It turns out that Pepe Aguilar and his family never give conferences or interviews there, the only time they give them is because they are agreed by the Government of Zacatecas… Those who should be supporting the people, now it turns out that they are organizing events for the Aguilars. The functions of public servants should not be the Public Relations of an artist,” he said.

It is also said that the Aguilar family has exclusive public security for them in said ranch, which comes from the treasury of the government of Zacatecasbecause apart from that they live in USAso the ranch needs more security,” he stressed.

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