in Ukraine, the star presenter comments on the competition from a bunker

Because of the Russian invasion, Timur Myroshnychenko, presenter of Eurovision in Ukraine since 2007, will host the final of the competition in his country in an air-raid shelter.

The grand final of Eurovision 2022 will take place this Saturday in Turin, Italy. On the Old Continent, tens of millions of people will follow the event. Including in Ukraine where, despite the war, the famous musical program will be broadcast. Timur Myroshnychenko, who has commented on Eurovision since 2007, will once again be at the helm… from a bunker. Whose location has not been specified for security reasons.

“The red carpet you see is the one we used during Eurovision 2017. There was a bit left and we rolled it out because it’s quite cold”, explains the 36-year-old presenter at the microphone from BFMTV.

The Ukrainian television icon has already hosted the evening of the first semi-final of the competition on Tuesday, which saw Ukraine qualify for the grand final.

“Eurovision, a religion”

In this air-raid shelter, all the collaborators contributing to the organization of the program are present. “Since the war, we have set up three studios there and next door we have the control room. We settled here temporarily to broadcast, even in the event of bombardments”, explains Timur Myroshnychenko.

“For me, Eurovision is more than a job, it’s a religion,” smiles the man who has presented the competition in Ukraine for the past 15 years, after hosting the junior version in 2005 and 2006.

“I’m 36 and I’ve been in Eurovision for 17 years. It represents about fifty shows, so really, it’s a part of me,” he said.

A victory for Ukraine would be “very symbolic”

“In our country, Eurovision is very popular, you know. After the first semi-final I received thousands of messages of thanks from viewers. What they told me was simple: thanks to you, we have the impression of having found the life of before”, says, moved, Timur Myroshnychenko.

For Saturday, the presenter hopes to see the “very symbolic” victory of Kalush Orchestra, the Ukrainian group which represents kyiv at Euorvision this year.

“I think the main thing is the support of all civilized societies alongside Ukraine. (…) It is true that the courage of the Ukrainians can be rewarded, but it will be a first victory before the ‘Great victory’ of Ukraine”, he wants to believe at the microphone of BFMTV.

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