In video, Ben Attal and his girlfriend Jordane Crantelle kiss on Instagram

Big drooling kisses. The son of Charlotte Gainsbourg and Yvan Attal has published two videos in which we see him kissing his partner Jordane Crantelle full on the mouth. Images that Carla Bruni maliciously commented on.

Ben Attal swim in happiness. The eldest son of Charlotte Gainsbourg and D’Yvan Attal did not hesitate to display on social networks his love for his companion Jordan Crantelle, by publishing two videos where we can see them kissing on the lips.

Published on Saturday December 17 to its 21,000 followers, these two small demonstrations of affection were respectively filmed in the streets of Paris and in what appears to be the couple’s apartment. The kisses are fiery and the gazes alternately tender or mischievous.

And these images did not fail to arouse comments from all sides, in particular from Carla Bruni, who split an amused remark: “Hahahahaha! I have a free room at home children. This proposal from the wife of Nicolas Sarkozy, who invites them both to a little more intimacy, was joined by Mathieu Kassovitz, who in turn commented on a rather piquant “Get a room”.

This is not the first time that Ben Attal has displayed his happiness in love. The 25-year-old actor formalized his relationship with his new girlfriend, 13 years his senior, last September with a touching selfie posted on social networks. In November, he republished several black and white photos of his couple, soberly captioned with “My Love”.

The circumstances of their meeting have not been disclosed. Jordan Crantelle is known to have had an affair with comedian Gaspard Ulliel, who died in January 2022 of a skiing accident. Based in Los Angeles, she manages her own communication and production agency. The grandson of Serge Gainsbourg continues his career as an actor.