In video, Lady Gaga recreates the dance that went viral from Wednesday, from the Addams Family

The popstar participates in the TikTok trend which consists of imitating the choreography of Wednesday, new Netflix heroine … on a version of its title Bloody Mary.

Lady Gaga come into circle. After the buzz generated by the choreography of Wednesday Addams at the Nevermore Academy in episode 4 of Wednesday, the Netflix series, many Internet users have taken up these steps, generating a real trend on the TikTok social network. If in the series, actress Jena Ortega dances to the title Goo Goo Muck of The Cramps, most TikTok covers take place on a speeded up version of the title bloody mary from the album Born This Way by Lady Gaga.

Did Mother Monster see a foot call there? In any case, the 36-year-old singer also lent herself to the game by performing the little choreography… On her own account. The pop superstar took to TikTok to join in the fun, sporting an outfit inspired by Wednesday’s character, braided hair, lace collar and gothic makeup. She chained dance steps that consist of throwing her head back, looking up at the sky with big staring eyes and throwing her arms on either side of her body like a broken robot.

“Bloody Wednesday,” she wrote under the black-and-white video, which now has nearly 2.2 million views on the Chinese social network. Unsurprisingly, the official Little Monster Netflix Twitter account reposted the video just an hour ago, along with the line: “Mother Monster has arrived at Nevermore.

In video, Wednesday’s dance at the Nevermore Academy