In video, the spin-off of The Bridgerton Chronicle looks back on Queen Charlotte’s love past

The trailer of Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story was unveiled by Netflix on Saturday, September 24. A prequel series that looks back on Queen Charlotte’s youth and romantic past.

She imposed herself as an intransigent sovereign and guarantor of tradition in The Bridgerton Chronicle . In Queen Charlotte: a Bridgerton Story, the actress Golda Rosheuvel once again slips into the skin of Queen Charlotte. Netflix has indeed unveiled the first trailer for the spin-off devoted to the young years of Her Majesty, on Saturday September 24. We see the actress India Ria Amarteifio (Line of Duty), who embodies the sovereign when she was young, trying to climb a wall. Then a man appears, who asks her: “Hello my Lady, can I help you?” And the heroine asks the stranger to lend her a hand, because she wants to see what the king looks like.

A “beast” or “a troll”

“Nobody talks about him,” she says. Nobody. He must clearly be a beast or a troll.” To which his interlocutor replies: “You don’t like beasts and trolls? Is her appearance important? “I don’t care what he looks like,” Charlotte says in return. What I don’t like is not knowing.” The young man, however, refuses to assist him… and turns out to be the fiancé of the future queen, played by Corey Mylchreest (The Sandman).

According to the streaming platform, this derivative series, signed Shonda Rhimes, will be “focused on the rise to power and the coming to power of Queen Charlotte”. It will tell “how the marriage of the young queen to King George gave birth to a great love story and a societal change, creating the world inherited by the characters of The Bridgerton Chronicle“. A spin-off that should arrive on our (small) screens in 2023.

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