In video, the State of Happiness series, embodiment of the emancipation of women

The Norwegian series, broadcast and awarded in 2018, is back on our screens.

Multi-award winning since its release in 2018, the Norwegian series State of Happiness returns to Arte. Between madmen and Nordic Noir style, it presents a gallery of portraits of young workers in 1969 in Stavanger, a port city where the international oil companies decided to withdraw after years of prospecting in the North Sea. Among the characters affected by this situation, the spectators discover Christian Nyman, a diver on an offshore platform, and Jonathan Kay, a brilliant lawyer at Phillips Petroleum (American oil company) who came to close the wells on site.

But it is above all thanks to its female characters that the series stands out. In the lead: Anna Hellevik (Anne Regine Ellingsæter), daughter of farmers propelled to the forefront of transactions between American prospectors and local authorities, and Toril Torstensen (Malene Wadel), a young girl abandoned by her companion, an engineer at Shell. With these strong figures who embody the emancipation of women, State of Happiness has earned a place in the “Heroines in series” collection of Season 2 to come.

State of Happinessby Mette Marit Bølstad, currently on