Índigo, daughter of Camilo and Evaluna, inspired her grandmother Marlene Rodríguez to create a clothing brand and wore one of the garments | Famous

On April 9, 2022, Camilo and Evaluna shared the news of the birth of their daughter Indigo with some adorable photos of her little feet, as well as a glimpse of the couple’s water birth in the privacy of their home.

Three days later, Indigo’s proud maternal grandmother, Marlene Rodríguez, marked the beginning of her granddaughter in the world of fashion thanks to the clothing line ‘The red thread’.

Indigo inspired Evaluna’s mother to create a clothing line

Marlene Rodríguez, wife of Ricardo Montaner since 1989, is a woman eager to learn and discover new things, which has led her to be an author, artist, businesswoman, filmmaker and even a doula, an assistant who helps women before, during and after of childbirth.

Marlene explained that when she found out about her daughter’s pregnancy, she called Valentina, a friend she had known since childhood, and motivated her to create a brand of baby clothes. Her friend invited her to undertake this project with her and together with another friend of hers from her childhood, Marizai, they created ‘The Red Thread’.

The launch of this line of baby clothes was on April 12, 2022, which included the first photo of Indigo as a mini model.

“We joined in this undertaking for my granddaughter (which is hers too). Indigo was born and today this brand inspired by her is born. I am excited because it is love, it is love for my granddaughter, love for my friends, the love for nature (it’s all healthy and natural), this clothes is love that we share with you”.

It could be said that Indigo is the face of ‘The Red Thread’, after all, she inspired this brand. However, her face did not appear in the photo with which Marlene announced the launch. Only her feet and a part of her legs were enough to promote one of the designs that make up the first collection of ‘The Red Thread’.

Inspired by her granddaughter Indigo, Marlene’s entrepreneurship embraces craftsmanship. The garments are created with organic cotton and linen fabrics and are hand-dyed with natural pigments and dyes. In addition, they are created by the hands of women who are experts in artisan dyeing and ancestral Japanese embroidery.

The collection has different shades such as yellow and reddish. However, the central color is indigo, like the name of his granddaughter.

At the moment, Evaluna and Camilo’s baby has not yet captivated Instagram with another model from her grandmother’s clothing line. However, in a video shared by Evaluna, where Camilo carries Indigo, some blankets are shown with a dye similar to that of the garments of “The Red Thread”.

The clothing collection does not currently have blankets, but it is likely that Evaluna’s mother has ordered these exclusive items for her granddaughter.