Indra: The star of the 90s opens up about his failed surgery!

By Maureen Peron

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Guest of TPMP People, the singer Indra decided to confide in a terrible experience lived a few years ago…

Flagship singer of the 90s, Indra came to confide on the set of TPMP People. Recently, it was Ayem Nour who confided in her weight gain at the microphone of Matthieu Delormeau. Indra explains that he wants to tackle the taboo subject: cosmetic surgery. The singer wants to do prevention: “ I didn’t do surgery, I did aesthetic medicine, it’s different », « It’s great when it works! But there are exceptional cases like me, where there is something wrong. “. And the least we can say is that the star suffered a lot.

Indra: ” Two explosions behind the head »

During the interview, Indra explains that he fell for a facelift. However, something seems strange to him: “I was very very surprised, I always had the impression that the head was floating above my head. […] I feel suspended. “. In effect, the star of the 90s had a fine nose: “Three days later, when it was starting to take effect, I remember it very well. I was sitting in front of the TV and I felt: “PAM! », « PAM! “. Two explosions behind the head. I said to myself: “Here, I am having a stroke”. And then, I felt a slight slippage, a total heaviness of the whole face. “The whole face got stuck down there. I was flabbergasted, I didn’t even dare to go back to the doctor. […] There was a muscle drop […]. It’s as if everything had dropped. “.

Indra returns to consult his doctor except that three days later, it is the carnage: ” Three days later, I remember that I was with my son, at the park. I lie down, I was tired, and I feel “PAM! », « PAM! like rubber bands going the other way. And then, it starts to flow from the nose. Some water ! I felt drained. When I get home, I look at myself in the mirror: I was puckered up like a pug dog. “. Today, even if the worst is behind her, the pain is still present: ” I seem to be fine, and it’s thanks to the sport. It saved me“. “. Congratulations Indra for his testimony!