Inés Gómez Mont and her husband appear before the authorities, after being persecuted by justice

After more than half a year being persecuted by the Mexican justice system, accused of diversion of public funds and money laundering, the former driver of windowing, Agnes Gomez Mont and her husband Victor “N”, appear before the authoritiesalong with their children.

According to information from journalist Jorge Carbajal, the 38-year-old television presenter, Ines Gomez Mont attended his first hearing with the authorities, after his presumed responsibility in a series of crimes related to the embezzlement of public funds and of money launderingfor the amount of 2 thousand 950 million pesos.

However, her whereabouts and that of her family, where her husband is also being investigated for the same crimes, is still a mystery, since said audience It was done virtually, so it is not yet known where they are hiding.

The virtual audience in which the friend and comadre of Galilea Montijo, Agnes Gomez Montwas carried out on March 15, via videoconference, as a preventive measure in the face of the health contingency in which the world remains, and that the driver took advantage of to avoid being imprisoned preventively.

“March 15, the date on which Inés had to appear together with her lawyers at her first hearing, to see what will happen to her legal situation. It turns out that the hearing is virtual due to the pandemic and because she is on the run. Yes, Inés is connected and her lawyers are connected with the judge,” said the journalist.

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In addition, he stressed that the couple, still a fugitive from justice, asked that their hearing be held as private and secret as possible, so they did not inform the media. However, it is expected that soon prosecution make the first statements.

Just over two weeks ago, the former mother-in-law of Ines Gomez Montfrom her first husband Javier Diaz Bravo, Aunt Bravoranted against his former daughter-in-law, assuring that she was already in the country, and even asked people who came to see her, to hand her over to the authorities.

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Javier Diaz was married to Agnesand is the father of four of his 7 children: inesitaBruno, Diego and Javier, whose whereabouts are unknown.

This was not the first time that her former mother-in-law, Aunt Bravospoke against her former daughter-in-law, because at the end of 2021, on December 7, she also stated that she thought that Inés could be in the Dominican Republic hiding with her family.

“The last thing I knew is that they were in the Dominican Republic, but I cannot guarantee that they are still there. What I can say is that wherever my grandchildren are, Javier will go for them, “he said in an interview with TV Notas at the time.

The ex-mother-in-law of Ines Gomez Mont, Aunt Bravoensures that the driver and Victor Alvarez Pugafugitives from justice, are in CDMX, “sheltered” by the driver’s uncle The 25+ and Families in front of the fire, Fernando Gomez Montformer Secretary of the Interior under Felipe Calderón.

Why is Inés Gómez Mont wanted?

Let us remember that, at the beginning of September 2021, the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) issued an arrest warrant against the also niece of the former secretary of the interior, Fernando Gomez Mont in the six-year term Felipe Calderon. She, her husband, and five other people, as well as 7 companies, are investigated for the possible crime of organized crime and illicit operation of resources in 2016, for an amount of 2,950 million pesos.

“Ines is a criminal. My son is not a criminal and right now, if you see him, they would have more right to be with him than with her, because we have never been related to kidnapping groups, money laundering and without paying taxes. It’s not our style,” she asserted.