Inés Gómez Mont reappears on Instagram after more than 1 year to say “Enough is enough!”

The name of Inés Gómez Mont reappeared in the media on January 26, after Reforma published that they requested preventive detention for the driver accused of various crimes.

In accordance with Reformit was learned of a fourth order against Inés Gómez Mont for an alleged tax fraud of 3 million 631 thousand 745.01 pesos, corresponding to the income tax (ISR) of 2017. That in addition to another three issued by control judges of the City of Mexico for the crime of tax fraud and one by a justice administrator from the State of Mexico, for the crimes of money laundering and organized crime, the latter with pre-trial detention ex officio.

However, Inés Gómez Mont reappeared on her Instagram account to share a statement where she says “Enough is enough”. She thus shared it:

“I want to inform you that it is completely false that preventive detention has been issued or requested against me, as the cover of @Reforma incorrectly states today.

“This is a false headline without any support. Also, none of the arrest warrants they refer to are new. They are over a year old and are currently being debated in court.”

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Agnes continued: “The note from @Reforma is right about something. It has been repeated in public opinion and social networks that they accuse me of an alleged laundering or diversion of 3,000 million pesos from a public contract – which of course I emphatically deny.

I said it the first day, I reiterate it and today @Reforma confirms it: The accusation against me is not for 3,000 million pesos, as has been maliciously said, but for 14 million pesos, which I obviously defend myself in court. It is therefore a lie that has been repeated over and over again until it became true. Stop!

I want to tell you that on November 30, 2018, I entered into a Tax Reparation Agreement before the FGR and paid 13.5 million pesos. I don’t understand why they don’t know that payment.

I will continue presenting my defense before the judicial instances to which I express my respect.”

Statement from Inés Gómez Mont

It was on October 14, 2021 when Inés published her last statement, until now, her reappearance in the middle of 2023.

At that time he said: “I have faith that the truth will continue to come to light and our innocence will be proven. I repeat it and I support it: I am innocent and this is an injustice. They want to silence me, but I will continue to raise my voice with all my might.”

Inés Gómez Mont statement of October 2021

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