Inès Loucif (Koh-Lanta) clashes with a user on Instagram

Sunday, July 03, the former candidate of the famous survival show “Koh-Lanta” gave a rant on her Instagram story: “Mashed potatoes but I’m so drunk, I’m writing to calm down I’m in the room. It’s crazy because all it takes is a boloss staring at me in the gym for me to screw up my training because of him, it drives me crazy”.

The young woman would have cut short her sports training because of a man who stared at her a little too insistent. However, she claims to have done nothing to catch his eye: “It makes me phew this kind of old pelo I can’t take it anymore. And I specify, you never know, I’m in an oversized T-shirt, I look too bad, I have my headphones on, I absolutely don’t want to be pleasant, there’s no possibility of thinking that a door can potentially s ‘open”.

His story was quick to make people talk and one of the comments particularly shocked Inès: “Nah but LOL. Don’t be surprised that guys check you out. You have ultra mega tight leggings! Do not abuse seriously”.

The reaction of the ex-candidate of Koh-Lanta was not long in coming: “And a champion, one. And even if, even if I had been in this outfit all along my session, I don’t have to be ogled insistently! I’m going to go to the extreme but it’s exactly the kind of person who asks a raped woman: ‘how were you dressed?’ Poor mentality”. At least the message is clear.

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