Inès Reg pregnant? A publication by the comedian sows doubt among fans

Inès Reg is the rising comedian who rises and will be on stage from January to June 2023, throughout France. A few days from finding the public, the pretty brunette revealed to have a gigantic secret which prevented her from sleeping. The imagination of its subscribers was ignited…

It’s no secret that Inès Reg only breathes to be on stage. Since his first sketch put sparkles in the lives of millions of French people, the career of the young comedian went into orbit. The Covid pandemic has, however, been a difficult time for the wife of Kevin Debonne.

In front Nikos Aliagas, in 50’Inside, tears in her eyes, she remembered the moment when the theaters were full, everything had to be stopped. “In fact I’m not lying when I say it’s my whole life, I am myself only on stage and it’s hard, I had the chance to play again in September October, in social distancing, with the masks and I really thought it was on again and I felt ripped off… “, she explained before adding: It’s like I love a man with all my heart and overnight everything stops, without any explanation.” And for a few weeks, the one who won brilliantly Beijing Express with her sister Anaïsprepares for a new date, almost in love with the public.

I have a space insomnia, because I have a secret”

For 2023, no less than 47 dates have been offered to the public between January and June, for his show Out of standards. What to put the talkative comedian in a state of great excitement. This December 28, taken by a carbine insomnia, she emptied a jar of Nutella with a forkbefore making a confession in story, to his followers. “Ok. I’m doing a space insomnia, because I have a secret. I could tell you about it only on January 8th. It’s gigantic as a secret. Suddenly my heart beats too much, he does not want to let me sleep”, confessed the beauty.

It was enough for the imagination of her fans to get carried away, and that they do not suspect her of hiding a first pregnancy. After an avalanche of messages, Inès Reg was forced into an update. And she obviously chose the mode of humor to defuse the bomb with a lot of hilarious emojis: “I’m not pregnant, get that idea out of your head right now. This is good news and a secret that concerns you and me. Like the atmosphere of the year 2023. PS: leave my zezette and my stomach alone.” For the revelation of the secret, answer on January 8th so…