Inès Vandamme: the dancer lets her “tremendous joy” burst after a personal victory

The year 2023 promises to be good for Inès Vandamme. She begins it by checking off an objective that she had set for herself. The dancer of Dance with the stars (TF1) shared the great news with his Instagram community this Tuesday, January 31, 2023.

It’s on the floor of Dance with the stars that the public knew her. She took her first steps there in 2019, during the show’s 10th season. At the time, she was only 27 years old and wanted to share her passion for dance with the public. A passion passed on to him by his mother, a dance teacher. Inès Vandamme started practicing this art from the age of 5. Very quickly, it is obvious, as dance was for choreographer Yanis Marshall. It is in parallel with her studies of letters that Inès Vandamme also enters the dance center of Cannes, in 2010. In the end, it is her passion that will be stronger than anything.

The young woman has long cast doubt arounda family relationship with Jean-Claude Van Damme. Still, it’s good his talent and his tenacity which opened the doors of Dance with the stars. Long before joining the team of TF1she had already participated in the show dreams and danced for Mr. Pokora. This Tuesday, January 31, 2023, she gave very good news to his Instagram followers. No information relating to Dance with the starsor even a role in a musical, but something she’s been waiting for forever.

A long overdue change

It’s time to pick up my new ID card with my new last name (who is Vandamme)“, she said in an excited story. She then photographed herself with the precious sesame in hand, oh so important to her: “I can cry with joy right now. ” Faced with the incomprehension of her subscribers, Inès Vandamme explained to them why these new papers made her so happy. “In the eyes of civil status and on my old identity cards, ‘Vandamme’ was not the only name that was registered. […] There was another last name, which was that of my parentsince ‘Vandamme’ is my mum’s surname.”

The young woman embarked on procedures (simplified since July 2022), and was therefore able to finally recover what she wanted: “Hence this immense joy to receive my new identity card with only this surname. For 30 years, so always, there were written two surnamesI’ve always used only one, since I think almost everyone knows me as Vandamme only. My name is now officially Inès Vandamme.” Surely, hearing his name, his smile will shine for season 13 of Dance with the stars.

© INSTAGRAM / Inès Vandamme
© INSTAGRAM / Inès Vandamme
© INSTAGRAM / Inès Vandamme