Infanta Cristina returns to Barcelona with her son Pablo

Doña Cristina closed last week’s agenda in Barcelona, ​​attending on Friday, July 1, a very special event on development aid: the twenty-fifth anniversary of the International Cooperation Program of the La Caixa Foundation, as director of the entity’s International Area. She couldn’t stop smiling He was radiant and had the best company: his son Pablo —a heartthrob in the CosmoCaixa room, after spending a few days with his father and brother Miguel in Formentera—, the director of the Antonio Vila foundation and a good number of representatives of international institutions. Among them, the activists Graça Machel or Ashok Khosla, world expert in sustainable development.

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HELLO 4067 Infanta Cristina©EuropaPress
The Infanta, in a very summery two-tone dress, at CosmoCaixa.

In this quarter of a century, the foundation has promoted, in collaboration with more than eight hundred organizations, 663 projects and has transformed the lives of more than sixteen million people; and the infanta, who has worked in the entity for twenty-seven years, was really happy. In her work, she could not do better and, in his personal life, the worst is behind him. She is a new woman, full of hope, full of plans, with a lot of desire to live and that has rejuvenated years. Even the lunar wart on his face has disappeared.

HELLO 4067 Infanta Cristina©EuropaPress
HELLO 4067 Infanta Cristina©EuropaPress
Above, Pablo Urdangarín, with a friend, and above, Doña Cristina, with Peter Simón, Ashok Khosla, Graça Machel, Pedro Alonso, Antonio Vila, Chris Elias, Seth Berkley and Jaime Sepúlveda

Your children still come first but now she makes plans with friends who are happy to have recovered her, after the radical bet she made for her husband, and she travels a lot to Madrid. Just this past weekend, after passing through Barcelona, ​​where she surprisingly her wedding band “flashed” again.

Very smiling, rejuvenated and, after twenty years, without the lunar wart that he had on his face

HELLO 4067 Infanta Cristina©EuropaPress
Doña Cristina traveled to Barcelona to celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Fundación la Caixa International Cooperation Program.

Seven months have passed since her marriage was blown up, but the infanta continues to wear it… and it may be like this forever, or she simply reserves the “gesture” of taking it off for after the summer, when it is expected that the paperwork will begin. divorce. Doña Cristina is a deeply believing womanand it is not only a reminder of the love given and received, it is also the respect for the sacrament and the family they created together.

HELLO 4067 Infanta Cristina©EuropaPress
HELLO 4067 Infanta Cristina© EUROPA PRESS
Above, laughing with the activist Graça Machel; on these lines, greeting the director of the foundation, Antonio Vila. On the right, the host of ‘La Sexta Noticias’ for the weekend, Cristina Villanueva.