Influencer Andrew Tate to be banned from TikTok

Influencer Andrew Tate plays down rape and sexual violence against women. Organizations are now calling on TikTok to take action.


the essentials in brief

  • Influencer Andrew Tate shares misogynist content on TikTok.
  • This is highly problematic, various organizations warn.
  • The ex-kickboxer should be blocked on all platforms.

What to do if a woman accused him of cheating? “Machete out, in her face and grab her by the neck. Shut up B****.”

The British influencer Andrew Tate is currently spreading such shocking statements uninhibitedly on social media. The videos of the former kickboxer are currently doing the rounds on TikTok in particular.

Several organizations now want to put an end to this. They demand that the misogynist Tate be banned from the platforms immediately.

Rape Crisis England’s Amelia Handy told Mail Online: “It is unacceptable that such a blatant display of misogyny should be given a platform.”

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The videos play down rape and sexual violence. It is very worrying that young people have access to such content.

TikTok must act now. “By allowing these videos on their platform, they are failing to protect the millions of young people who use their app.”

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