Influencer mourns the loss of her best friend

She was just happy about the birth of her first child, now internet star Dagi Bee has to accept a bitter loss. A very good friend of the influencer is dead. He was only 24 years old. Dagi commemorates him in an emotional post.

Photo series with 52 pictures

Shortly after Christmas 2021, influencer Dagi Bee was happy about the birth of her son Nelio. But at the same time she was worried about one of her best friends. Because 24-year-old Paco has been fighting for his life since November. Now the young man is dead and Dagmar Nicole Kazakov, as Dagi’s real name is, is devastated. With a series of shared pictures and a long text, the 27-year-old says goodbye to her friend.

The first picture in the small gallery that Dagi shares with her six and a half million Instagram followers shows her playing chess with Paco. More pictures and videos capture many shared moments of her, Paco and Dagi’s husband Eugen. “At the beginning of November we were all still laughing together and the world was fine,” the YouTube star begins his statement. “No one could have guessed what would happen in the next few weeks.”

“You were only 24 years young”

“I prayed every night that you would be better,” it continues. “It was always up and down. You fought so, so, so much… You were only 24 years young and you still had so much ahead of you.” She is sure that Paco is in a better place now and that they will meet again someday.

Paco worked with Dagi’s husband at the label “23Hours” as Managing Director. Eugen also says goodbye to his business partner and friend in a post on his Instagram page. “Words cannot describe my love for you. You are always in my heart,” says one story. However, the two influencers do not mention what the young man suffered from.