Influencers accused of scatophilia in Dubai: pissed off, Milla Jasmine reacts to the scandal

Influencers accused of scatophilia in Dubai: pissed off, Milla Jasmine reacts to the scandal

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For several days, a video by blogger Wassim TV talking about “Dubai Porta Potty” has gone viral on social media. This trend, whose name means “portable public toilets in Dubai”, refers to a phenomenon that would concern influencers and influencers who live in Dubai. According to the words of the blogger, these people receive surprising requests from rich men in exchange for large sums of money. Quite a few influencers you see on social media are indeed escorts. They get paid to hang out with billionaires in Dubai. But if they want more money, they have to do a lot of things“, explains the blogger. Among these practices, some would be linked to the scatophilia or zoophilia.

You can see a man who does vs*** in a woman’s mouth“. “They can make $20,000 in one night.” He adds that some people are paid to “to have intimate relations with dogs and with camels“.

Milla Jasmine discovered that her name was cited in this affair… Angrythe Frenchwoman reacted immediately. She explained the origin of this rumor and announced that several legal proceedings were underway following the accusations.

The former stripper says a woman who was jealous of her wrote a blog post many years ago with the aim of destroying her.In this article, she poured out all her hate on Miami girls, me included. She invented that I had met a certain Peter and that, for the modest sum of 20KI would have licked a toilet (…) during All these years I’ve been accused of hanging out with this Peter, of licking toilets. Then you know how bad the human race can be, it took looking even dirtier, even creepier to get me dirty. I went from a few years of stripper to a woman who eats the me***“.

There How? ‘Or’ What with nothing you can destroy someone’s reputation. Today he is a stranger, an illegitimate seedy Youtubeur who has decided to make you believe that he knows the true background of French influencers in Dubai (…) You want to believe it to relieve your frustration (…) Yes, unfortunately there must be girls who engage in these practices, but I am not one of them and I have never been one of them“, threw Millaoutraged.

The latter announced that she was going to file a complaint.