Info alert, this new scam on “Leboncoin” is wreaking havoc in France

If you like The good corner, we will now have to be careful. For some time now, scammers have been impersonating buyers and hijacking the secure payment system to scam sellers. Don’t worry, Objeko’s editorial staff will tell you everything about it. Are you ready ?

A new scam on Leboncoin

In 2006, The good corner saw the light of day. Since its beginnings, the classifieds site between individuals has evolved a lot, going from a start-up of five people at the start, to a complete company today. The site allows individuals to do good business with each other. But if it is used by many French people, it is not spared from scams of all kinds. For example, a scammer sold a fake Thermomix to unsuspecting people.

This time, no fake Thermomix affair, but a simple scam via a fake confirmation email. In any case, this is what the members of the UFC Que-Choisir association report to us. The seller called Élie wanted to sell his high-end computer for €1,850 on Leboncoin. Shortly after placing the advertisement, he is contacted by an interested seller who seems ready to buy the portable PC. This is where the scam begins.

Scammers hijack the secure payment system

To demonstrate his good faith, the buyer insists on carrying out the transaction via the secure payment system of the classifieds site. Following a few exchanges, the buyer explains that he made the transfer, notifying Elie in passing that he would soon receive a confirmation of payment by email. This is indeed the case. This email indicates the name, the price paid, the shipping address and the description of the object. He also explains that the account will be credited when a photo shows the proof of sending.

leboncoin secure payment scam

Elijah then suspects that something is up. And to avoid being scammed, he consults forums. The seller realizes that the message should have arrived in the secure messaging system of The good corner. Indeed, the email received did not come from the merchant site. Élie would never have recovered his €1,850 if he had sent his laptop to the buyer who was in fact a crook. Note that automatic messages are sent by Le Bon Coin when fraudsters invite users to exit the messaging system.

Advice from the “” site to avoid scams

To avoid falling into the trap, The good corner sent a message. This scam shows once again that you have to be vigilant online. Thus, always check the sender’s address, that of Le Bon Coin always ends with Do not hesitate to go through Leboncoin secure messaging as much as possible and use secure payment. Then, above all, you should never send money without being sure of your move, or giving your bank details. It’s your turn. Do not hesitate to tell us if you had a problem one day.