Ingrid Chauvin, DNA’s highest paid actress: this staggering sum that she would receive each month

Every day, the series tomorrow belongs to us and Here it all starts are a hit on TF1. But how much are paid the actors who make up the cast of the two series? According to information from AudienceIngrid Chauvin would be the best paid, by far!

TF1 hit the nail on the head by choosing, like France 3, to invest in a daily soap opera. With its late afternoon program tomorrow belongs to us, launched in July 2017, the first channel of the post records impressive audience scores. On average they are more than 3.6 million French people to follow the episodes every day. An undeniable success, which convinced the managers to invest in a spin-off program: Here it all starts. Here again the public was conquered since the last creation of TF1 is more followed than the fiction of departure!

It must be said that for both series, the producers called on real stars. While Alexandre Brasseur and Ingrid Chauvin make up the cast of tomorrow belongs to usfollowers ofHere it all startsthey can find Frédéric Diefenthal, Vanessa Demouy or Elsa Lunghini on the screen. But bringing together all this beautiful little world has a cost, and not the least!

Ingrid Chauvin, better paid of Tomorrow belongs to us

According to information from the magazine Audience, the actors who make up the castings of the two series would receive a real jackpot. The one who tops the ranking of the highest paid actors is unsurprisingly Ingrid Chauvin, the essential face of tomorrow belongs to us. The interpreter of Chloé Delcourt would touch around 200,000 euros per monthwhen his on-screen partner Alexandre Brasseur would be paid around 160,000 euros.

It is this same sum that Frédéric Diefenthal would receive for his part, leaving to swell the ranks ofHere it all starts after leaving the first series of TF1. The cult actor Taxi is thus among the highest salaries of the cast with Clément Rémiens, who would have raised up to 180,000 euros per month until his departure from the program. These sums are far from those that the smallest players would receive, for whom the pay would be around 500 euros per shooting day. A difference in price which is explained by the name and the CV of the interpreters.