Ingrid Chauvin, overprotective mother with her son? “I have to let it fly away”

Ingrid Chauvin, whom you can see in the new episode of “Joséphine, guardian angel”, this December 26 on TF1, has made astonishing secrets about her relationship with Mimie Mathy, but also about her attitude as an overprotective mother …

Ingrid Chauvinwhich you can see in the new unreleased episode of Josephine, guardian angel, broadcast this December 26 at 9:10 p.m. on TF1, ensures that she gets along wonderfully with Mimie Mathy. In an interview at Tele-Leisurethe 51-year-old actress listed the qualities she appreciated in the actress who embodies the most famous guardian angel of the PAF: “I love his enthusiasm and professionalism, even after twenty-five years on the same show. I also admire his life course, which is far from obvious. I know that she suffers physically and psychologically. She is as strong as she is fragile“.

Ingrid Chauvin: the funny meeting between her son and Mimie Mathy

The star of Tomorrow Belongs To Us shot this episode of Josephine, guardian angel around Sète, where she lives with her 6-year-old son Tom, born of her former union with director Thierry Peythieu. This one was therefore able to go several times on the film set to see his mother captivate the objective. “He met Mimie for the first time. He marveled at ‘the little lady with the pretty eyes and the beautiful smile’. He did not know the character of Joséphine, he immediately felt the beautiful soul of Mimie“, said Ingrid Chauvin.

Ingrid Chauvin, mother hen with Tom

Ingrid Chauvin feels particularly close to the role she plays this episode of the emblematic series of TF1. And for good reason, her character is a mother brooding over her 17 year old son. However, the actress admits that after losing her daughter Jade, who died at five months of a heart defect in 2014, she became a mom overprotective of her son Tom.

When I discovered the role, I said to myself that it had not been offered to me by chance. Since Jade’s death, I’m afraid Tom will hurt himself or something bad will happen to him. I still sometimes wake up at nightshe explained, still with Tele-Leisure. And the actress to conclude: “Today, it is he who reassures me. I have to take some distance, accompany him in life and stop overprotecting him as I do. I have to let it fly away and grow“.

His “incredible relationship” with his son

Recently in the magazine TV 7 DaysIngrid Chauvin also confided in her fusional links with her offspring: I have an amazing relationship with him, even if, like all moms, I am not objective. However, he has an extraordinary maturity for his age. We are in mutual protection. Sometimes I have the impression that he is 12-13 years old, he feels things and is so kind to me“.